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Do you feel misunderstood because you are Highly Sensitive, Indigo or Empathic?
I invite you to consider this:

Right now you may be experiencing an imbalance which does not seem to go away.

If so, you may feel there are a few things that need to be put in place in a different way.

And those are or might be:

How to empower your informed decision making with an earthy intuitive thinking.
How to desensitize the (possibly uncounscious) inhibitory influence of your upbringing.
How to tune into your true self and strip away all the noise and diversion.

I know

I know how uncomfortable being very sensitive can be, how long it may take to truely understand yourself and give real meaning to your life, while getting rid of the fatigue you’re so familiar with.

Take a moment and see which of the following applies to you most:

You feel as if you need to reinvent yourself,
You want to take your life and business to a higher level, You are looking for a strong comeback, or
You really wish to maximize the potential of your innate sensory perception

If you recognize one or more of the
challenges on this page, I can help you fasttrack
towards the best version of yourself.

WHY I understand

I understand how you feel, because I too have felt the pain, the fear and the uncertainty that you’re going through by not knowing how to deal with the sensitive side of yourself. But it wasn’t until I found how to use the amazing power of sensitivity to create a life on my terms.

Why I can I help

I am an HSP myself
and together we will help you find your true self and keep a clear view so you feel empowered.

You can be sure: Life ‘invited’ me to reinvent myself several times.

Also high sensitivity in my case allows me to have direct access to new angles and possibilities.
These capacities will help skyrocket your growing potential.


I derived my own approach and method from the concept of One Session Coaching.

When you’re in The Netherlands you can choose for a live One Day VIP session here in Hilversum, close to Amsterdam.

When you’re living outside of the Netherlands, the One Session principle is spread over three Zoom calls of 2,5 hours with a week in between. This enables to create an easy going process whilst being laserfocused.

I will deconstruct for you the various ways in which your high sensitivity is playing games with you and how to stay in charge.

I have powerful words for who you are as a creative being and help you make that practical and doable.

Your Benefits

If you felt a brake on your creativity, you will now have access to new inspiration and ideas, feeling much more effective and confident.

The regained peace and stillness  inside you will add to your resourcefullness, security and trust.

You will create your life much more from your own impulses and desires.

You will leave behind the tiring and chronic thinking and be surprised about the extra energy that gives you.

You will be much more present, increase your self worth and be more in control without controlling.

You will be more receptive to opportunities.

You will tap more easily and deeper in your capacity of love.

You will experience what it is to really know who you are. You will radiate so much more peace towards the people around you.

You will feel centered as never before or it must have been a long time ago.

You will have a clarity that opens the eyes of both your clients, your collegues and .. your loved ones.

The Overall Outcome

The overall outcome is nothing less than a transformation. You will know who you are and what your life is all about. You will create from what you feel is important. A clear strategy will provide you with the simple but powerful actions leading you every step of your way to a truly fulfilling life.

If all this resonates with you, please drop me a line and we’ll talk:

or give me a call: +31(0)655384200